void hunt

i haven’t fallen out of love
i’ve just let it leave abruptly
it was easier the first time
the next love came quickly
whatever void was left from before
was filled fully mended
but now it’s gone too
it lost hold
with distance over time
let it move on without me
so now this void within
has some temporary visits
but no solid grounds
for permanent stays
the slight fear sets in
the void will stay as is
or maybe grow
staying barren
but i remain
that a new love
will be found


is it because everything is new,
that i have trouble etching your face in my mind?
trying to think of how your voice sounds,
how your skin feels against my hands,
what texture your lips have against mine.
will frequent future encounters,
help me with my memory.

it feels like past love,
is still vivid and colourful.

new direction

where do i go from here
do i keep repeating the day
keep comfortable in the status quo
not letting anything become disrupted
as the slightest movement has uncertainty
with it comes the harsh pain of change
where my face is unknown to others
my moral characteristics are unrecognized
in a strange place among new people
the teachings that made me now have no value
the slate i had covered is now clean
can i be reforged from the brittle metal i am
into something, someone else


i would have taken you closer
so you wouldn’t have to rely
on robot eyes

i’d protect you up there
from rowdy bystanders
who bruise

you wouldn’t hear me
but you’d smile
i’d know

you could escape with me
the quickest route
back home

we’d stop to eat
laugh about the fools
behind us

afterwards we’d rest
let the late night
cool us

your open window
let the summer hiss
sneak in

our eardrums still ringing
lightly breathing

while a small creature
sits between us

the morning will greet us
with a sunbeam
on our souls


don’t grow old

live in your youth
for as long as you can

you’ll know the moment you lost it

the sharp turn
of letting go

the beauty in your eyes is shattered

the thought of the future
frightens you to your core

a bright light on the horizon

don’t live in the past

those better dates
are long gone

the end is closer than ever before

another day to wake
is not guaranteed

so listen to your elders

don’t grow old
stay young