soft tone

i just gave it to you
in case of emergency
left alone in the quiet
maybe just to chime in
for everyone else to see

as the sun starts rising
maybe the dawns been lying
for years to test me
let it be a reminder
for me to stop this dependency

better speak up to me
go through all the motions
categorize my colours
from dark blues to off greens
hide the spectrum i can’t see

well if you gave me a ring now
don’t know if i’d answer
or even consider saying hello

but you know i’d just let it go

straight to the machine

crescent harbour

you took me to the harbour
on a crescent moon
in the middle of september
it was as hot as june
i wished upon the moonbeams
to give us better sight
i just held you closely
as we gazed into the night
never seeing our reflections
in the dark waves below
just the ships in the bay
unloading their cargo
the echoes of laughter
from children afar
swans paddles by us
as we gaze up to the stars
the glow from the city
emerging in the skyline
reaching to the night
as we remain on the coastline
these nights together
move by fast
maybe on a full moon
the night will finally last

straight answer

was it another heart beating?
if so, i never heard it.
i never hunted it,
when i was close to you.

was it the distance?
from afar, i adored.
your love dwindled,
until extinguished.

was it the happiness?
i looked for, in you.
the dependence i relied upon,
that you were eager to remove.

was it the build up?
finally, amounting.
the fear of it,
being set in stone.

was it the long nights?
where you, never slept.
i offered assistance,
but you dismissed.

was it just time?
to end, to dissolve.
i kept asking,
but you’ll never tell me.

for you

i’d breathe for you
if you wanted me to
i’d share my lungs
for as long as you need

i’d bleed for you
if you wanted me to
take every cut deep
until the pain resides

i’d cry for you
if you wanted me to
you’d never shed a tear
but still feel remorse

i’d live for you
if you wanted me to
even after you leave
i would keep going on


i’ll push it off
but it always catches up
trying to get me
to bring me down
time to cut it out
find a new rhythm
beating myself up
over nothing
if i could take you aside
gather what i need
tell you what i feared
you could finally see

shadows on the wall
of what once was
but their gone now
left as soon as the sun rises

better to be seen without
don’t need the attention
best before march
or the last initiation

never wanted it all
so i had a taste
don’t have a craving
just feel like it was a waste

maybe i’ll feel better
observing new frequencies
keep following the spectrum
of past interactions