passing through

calm me down
now the day won’t end
left aside
to the longest bend
of the century
at least it feels like it
cover me
when i put my neck out
justify my actions
to appease the court
going sideways
on the last highway
but the lights are off
traffic is backed up
i’m still far away
if i could try to catch up
make something new up
get back closer to you
but as it’s played out
the only thing that’ll help
is just keeping you in mind
with every waking hour
i wonder if it makes me a coward
wanting to leave now before the storm
if i could justify a reason why
they can keep putting me down
it’s a burning question
that i can’t answer
so i just take a moment to nod
by the length of my arm
i wish i could find a star
follow it to lead me north
but instead i’m just a passerby
in the whole scheme of the night’s sky
so i let my legs keep walking
take me to whatever destination
with my hope tied on my wrist
if it could be everlasting
like a misunderstood question
in a sea of solutions
if i close my eyes
would you take me home

through the morning

already sick of the cold mornings
but they only just began
scrapping the frost
off my car windows
cursing under my breath
but i’d rather be back inside
warm and content
with you

oh the morning drive
does damage on my soul
all the stop and go
just to look to the side
someone’s swerved out
of control and i
just keep on by
thinking of you

the off ramp’s crowded
everyone is laying on their horn
i turn up the stereo
but it’s never the right song
all these prizes i wont win
advertisements about my skin
i just wait my turn
hoping to hear you

construction on the country road
down to a shared single lane
everyone for the next ten kilometers
will likely share my pain
as the workers on their phones
crack terrible jokes
give me the stink eye
i sink in the memory of yours

parking lot is always crowded
so i end up at the far side
slipping as i walk on by
i look up to the sky
the sun starts to shine bright
stinging my sleepy eyes
so i just close them
and i dream of you


does the abandonment of loyalty
ever come back to cast its shadow
over the accomplishments
you used it for

does it keep you up nightly
watching the windows and doors
for the imminent destruction
of whatever hope you have

the river you sold them down
was it as shallow as your heart
just as black and thick
as the blood that flows in your veins

i remember the moment
when you decided to leave
when you came back afterwards
rewards and accomplishments in handfuls

the value you feel now
soon will be diminished
by the betrayal and deceit
you left in your wake

i won’t be around to see your fall
the aftershock will ruin all around

good deal

albeit advancement takes time
though seen in days or weeks
whenever waiting for anything
always ends up feeling like forever
regardless of the measurement
the timetable bends to none
even if you feel owed
a rush won’t come around
those idle hands you wield
get you into more trouble
then when you try to help
breaking glass against concrete
cutting skin to reveal
blood on the floor
to be bandaged up
with old gauze
leftover tape
misplaced hope
misguided faiths
change is coming
the scrapes and bruises
those are part
of the deal


let it elude us
dashing past
via shortcuts
small bridges
steadfast on
shielded by
old hope
the past
or reckless
guided by
in sequence
to the stars
rolling on
against clouds
darker there
before it ends
tell me once
the truth