does the river run through you
or around what you used to be
left to burden melancholy
as the life drains from your eyes
those devils always struck hard
pitchforks and burning tongues
as memories eat away at you
all the repercussions unfold
are you farther ahead
then from where you started
or just catching up
with the rest of the crowd
believers in sympathy
shadowing our arms to raise
lest we forget our troubled past
from one morning to the next
add up the misconceptions in-between
harvesting old feelings to read
on torn up pages of disbelief
it all just sounds the same
coming through your mouth
no one could ever separate
the truth from your lips
or the lies between your lungs
hiding until your heart
decides to warm up

never supposed to be

i don’t recall the photographs
we took when we younger
a travesty of our time
forgetfulness of when we cried
your sister always shied away
from our continuing antics
we’d walk the city streets
trying to pick fights
with the leftovers at night
come home with bruises
to make out in candlelight
lock the door until morning
when i’d make my daring escape
as your step-father came roaring
after me at first sight
he’d curse my name until noon
take out his anger on you
a regret i’ve come to accept
holding you as you wept
if i was better, i’d have never left

broken lips

where have you been running
under cascading waterfalls
the time you’ve been wasting
could have been better spent
falling short of desperation
just take these broken lips
their yours to hide

look upon these old eyes
the truths they hold back
are not always mine
freeing up my hollow soul
takes more women than wine
just take these broken lips
their yours to hide

memories of past lives
creeping up to deliver me
like old regrets of misery
rough hands on my skin
scratching to get back in
just take these broken lips
their yours to hide

these broken lips
these broken lips
their yours
not mine

end times

frozen in the past
much more relief in the cold
left holding old operations
stand aside when you feel bold
the scratches on your knees
signs of actions before
searching through the trees
if you let up now
what else will there be
left for us to believe
the harmony you follow
might finally lead us
back to the final retreat
so sick of searching
while all the others
are sick and diseased
so far away from it all
nowhere near the start
if this is it
can we be released
no tragedy to befall
discouraged by it all
the seldom time we get
to see our eyes reflect
the final light inside

next stop

there’s the hope
that you changed
but then again
i liked how you were
but maybe for the better
that it’s different
you’re different now
a new look
with the same eyes
behind them it remains
whatever truth in you
that and the impression
you left behind
the lessons learned
from one another
or from second hand
though i wished you leered
towards my verses
not the choirs hymns
choices i have no control over
nor would i ever seek it
i was a passenger
who overstayed their welcome
ignorant to the knowledge
that beauty can do ugly things
solitude does harm to idle minds
love can only heal minor wounds
prominence is hidden
under your fingertips
to scath uncertainty
masking futures
with the fear that follows
i forgive you now
but your reason escapes me
now and for what feels like
the rest of the ride