short loss

i don’t recall
a quiet evening
sitting by the window
looking out onto the street
as snow gently fell
collecting on parked cars
garbage cans
turned over recycling bins
with you
attached to my arm
a coffee in your free hand
a red sweater that smelt of smoke
with the flicker
of a small candle by the sill
the only light in the dark den
our breath held
to listen to the ambience
of the ongoing storm
when the phone rang
to take us apart
to break you
into tears
leaving through the side door
running down the street
the storm gathering intensity
as the candle disappated
before being exhumed
while my eyes followed you
until you were lost in the blizzard
for good
if i recall

amongst us

consistently cut up from below
recognizing old scars as clean
i’ll be new in a year’s time
whatever transformations wait
by the rolling tide’s recede
whatever i’ve been perceiving
is altered in fine form
bring it under the tinted glass
your privacy is unbeknownst to me
marks from lipstick on coffee cups
like late news to the ill
a harsh reminder of hindsight
left to waste in mind
falling unto deaf ears
with hands clasped at their sides
ponder questions of legitimacy
when there’s time left over
forgetting the afternoon’s addendum
curating imagery to be lost
do you fear solemn souls
looking into covered windows
shaking locked doors
hiding worthless materials
to be misplaced during moves
of sunsets and full moons
amongst hallowed love
my face in mirrors
to age in your presence

north pour

can i find a light to run
down this laneway
all covered in leaves
damped by the evening rainfall
the distant sound of the lake
being struck millions of times
by the tiny drops
the musk of the waning heat
lessening as it pours down
soaked to my core
the distant echo
of the radio on
i stumble towards it
the sky greyed out
the thicket of trees
clipping my bare skin
blood mixing with rain
running down to my fingers
i walk forward
smoke rises ahead
the crackle of a raging fire
belowing out to me
i pick up speed
to be welcomed
by damp friends
under a shared canopy
collecting warmth
admiring the spectacle
till the night falls
as we part ways
to retire with hope
that tomorrow
the sun will greet us


i let the autumn winds fool me
tossing me into directions unknown
hazing the fields ahead
with smoke from the eastern escarpment
folding my hands blindly
to paths unfamillar
where trails bleed
with old tales of yesteryear
echoes of a past life
continuing a sacred lie
to manifest until the end
of luke warm days
second chill nights
or the counting down
to the first snow fall
masqueraded in bliss
of the heralding arrival
of shivers down the valley

linger on

are you here
where the blue light
illuminates your skin
you continue to glow
even after you dispense
what little merit is left
if the snowfall intensifies
it’ll bury what remains
surrounded by antiques
evermore the latter days
to reminisce on loss
when everything is covered
will it have mattered
what you sought out
collected for years
to admire for days end
or will you leave it all
just like it began
with nothing attached
just left to await
the honest coming
of deafening cold