i would like to tell you more
then your willing to hear
with the summer heat
and it’s cool breeze
caressing your ears

find a new light to shine
on your oscillating emotions
let them fly on whims
undirected and unbound
to the rythmns around us

mornings with sunrises
recorded in memories
left on repeat
never waning away
from the oncoming day

mystified by revelations
or the lack of understanding
about the weight of love
carried under our arms
making our bones shake

if the lasting words
you told me in confidence
can be pressed to paper
will they be fogotten sooner
or stick around
to burn, in the fires of our lives


i would like to write you
a new story
with an origin
that makes you more
then you were
you started
to fall

i wouldn’t change
your beauty
or the way
you smile
in the snow
with grace
and wonder

get stuck
on the long part
of your harrowing
adventures into
try to redeem
your cold soul

i’d remove all
the tragedy
that ended
it all

call to mind, friend

there you are
old friend

where have you been
old friend

have you come back
to discuss our lusts
or old loves

to romanticize failures
be at peace
with lost endeavours

i recount them daily
living vicariously
through past memories

growing older
never wiser in ways

have you achieved
what has eluded you

the years
have been tough
aggravatingly so

you and i
we are not the same
as we once were

maybe in appearance

but our hearts
our minds
with defeat

have we conquered our past
are we ready to accept
our blessings, now

or do we look back
wasting more years
wondering, what if?

may our hearts correct
what our minds lead astray