present restitution

are you safe
did you come up
empty handed

are you farther
now then you were
when you started

do you see now
what was stopping
progress back then

do you keep looking
back on the past
with resentment

will you become
more bitter daily
or is that done now

will there ever be
a way to change
the years before

you lose everything
when you give in
to replaying regrets

you have a new eye
in the now of it all
to accept the past

what’s done is done
what comes next
can only be better

what makes you anew
is that you were broken
to be rebuilt upon

the soul continues onward
with compassion alongside
prospects of eternal fruition


i gave what i could
to you
more then i should
just like

do i stand now
in anger
or linger
in regret

how many times
until i stop
giving out
more hope

or was it all
for the better
unselfish actions
once over

my face is different
changed by days
molded by mistakes
not what you

even now
you look
for familiarity
only to find

undone by my hand

handout holiday

wish you knew better
it would help me out

if i keep on wishing
could you find another

cause i keep losing
track of time and

whisper in my ear
if you’ve got something to

i’m used to it
you giving it

but i don’t need
you to go ahead and

while i go over it
in my head and let it

should i just take
it back and watch it

trying to decipher
black or white in the

but i don’t plan
for you to lead me

no i’ve wasted so much
that now it’s


no i’m not tired
i’ve just been here
for awhile
been waiting for
everything to come around

it’s not fair
the trouble you face
longer shadows
in your short days
coming down

don’t look now
there’s no point
in giving up
forcing your luck
on a broken fence

if there is a means
i’m sure
that you’ll succeed
in solving problems
you don’t need answers to

but don’t listen to me
be your own
ears and reasoning
never thought i was
helpful to the seeking

just count up
the fallen words
stretch out
follow through on
what you’ve come to believe


listen in
i will tell you a lie

it will evoke an emotion
that hinders attention

you’ll have lost
only time and patience

but filled your curiosity
to cruel levels

the truth of it
is unbelievable at first

not that you’ll see
blinded by greed

know that i strike
with endless tenacity

only to illicit
your unknown response

you and i
are one and the same

free of thought
but not of pain

your blood runs blue
under a red sun

you cut off ties
that suffocate

i gasp for air
under pressure

my eyes misled you
to rapture your soul

there is no truth
in disowning the past

you choose to believe
that the future heals

you are molded
by your own lies

why have you decided
to interest yourself in mine