i was lost
on an old road
trouble finding
any bearings
grasping at stars
to lead me away
back to home
where ever
that may be
distance traveled
over much time
to regain
misplaced feelings
with rusted stakes
hanging over
my head
waiting to fall
at a moment’s
hold up
i’ll get back
in time
for redemption
time enough
to recover

water’s edge

you’ll find it
when you aren’t searching
come across it genuinely
during a morning walk
at the water’s edge
with a warm wind
blowing from behind

it’ll be strange
yet familiar
like an old friend
missing for years
out of sorts
but kind to you

i wish it
upon anyone
whose lost
wants to regain
that feeling
of love

displays of affection

i wouldn’t paint your name along a building
to ruin beautiful architecture in the name of love
such a selfish act against mankind’s creations
a disservice to the act of modernization
as many days as there are nights
i would never sleep soundly
knowing that our love may collapse
but the buildings in our town
would last the test of time
or come to a swift demise
to be replaced anew
to put our love on display
would only jeopardize
what we’ve been creating

you see
if we displayed it
our love might extinguish
only to be presented
and preserved
with sorrow and regret
if the building was to fall
our love would have no symbol
with sadness and remorse
in our eyes

i would prefer
to whisper
in your ear
my affections
my desires
so they might reside
in your heart
in your soul
forever more


some people keep receipts
concert tickets
gum wrappers
lip balm containers
old polaroids
but her
she gathered buttons
all different
she sewed them
to a fabric calendar
that she kept
in her closet
i stumbled across it
on a winter night
looking for blankets
i went through the rows
each more extravagant
but upon inspection
of todays date
an empty spot
a terrible thought
came to me
i looked down
to my jacket opening
there, missing
a golden button
i left quickly
before i was added
as another memory

departures / arrivals

you probably heard it
from somebody
but i want you to know
it’s all true
i’m just figuring out
what it is i need to do
countless reasons
have held me up
i’ll give it some time
to sink in for you
but sooner then later
it’ll hit you too
i’m gonna be ready
to strike off
another agenda
on my mind
i don’t know
if it’s easy to define
last night i was worried
now that it’s out
i feel fine
i wrote it out
in small print
to try and hide
now it’s blown up
growing faster
with no end in sight
i guess what it is
i’m trying tell you
is i’m sick of regretting
the past lives
i’ve been resetting
wondering if
i’m doing it right
the clock
has been ticking
my mind’s been on fire
so here it is
it’s not worth forgetting
the time i spent
with my heart
on my sleeve
well i put it back
it might be
hard to believe
so i’ve got
some support
of my own
keeps it beating
when it’s being
i’m going on
with everything
i’ve got
it didn’t feel possible
turns out it’s what i want
cause no one owes me
gonna keep on giving
until i can’t breathe
what’s the matter
if what i’m doing
is the right thing
don’t need you now
to keep it alive
got a new tune
to keep a beat to
got a new way
to survive
just thought i’d
drop you a line
it might be sad
but it’s the truth
i’ll still think of you
from time to time
but my focus
is out there
on the future
always waiting
for me to find
the next thing
that will keep
my heart beating
just waiting for me
to arrive