if you were the other side
would the red shine
like the oranges
on the east
when the west is still dark

weather never helped
finding balance
in clouds
wild condensation
ending abruptly

though mountain tops shed
to reveal
old secrets
my hand carves out
new blood flows

sometimes i wonder
far too much about you
to step back
admire it myself
the revitalization


broken bones – keep me from you
the long trek home, keeping me blue
long saturday nights turn into sunday mornings
try to keep you interested, even though i’m boring

you push and shove, but your all that i’ve got
hard to remember things you purposely forgot
you know some days, it’s hard to be your lover
so most days i just hide under the covers

on gloomy days it’s easy to understand
why it is you make me feel second-hand
used to the scolding in my face
come to grips with the deafening pace

last night i had a wonderful dream
where nothing was what it really seemed
you and i were farther apart then two seas
only ever meeting when the water would freeze

casting shadows is easy when the sun is going down
easier to swim when you don’t know how to drown
maybe i should have let you finally sink
it’s hard to do these thing, but easy to think

count up your sins and we can begin
you can be the truest form you’ve ever been
so as they leave you out here alone
it could never be worse to be known

just another faded memory
about another close encounter
maybe you should see someone about these feelings
instead of letting solutions be prescribed over the counter

you and i will never die
our souls will be ever conflicting
until there’s fire in the sky
well at lest that’s what their predicting

fault in everything

it crept up on you
that cold autumn wind
it seemed like only yesterday
you were out on the lake
with the sun beating down
but now your reaching
for that old sweater
to keep you warm at night

always cursing
the season for changing
as you brush off
the fallen leaves
cluttering the driveway
soon it will be worse
with heavy snows
and frosty windows

but you always
have the summer
in your rear-view
constantly looking back
trying to forget the fact
that nothing lasts
forever long
not even that hit song

just take it in
those fading colours
let them settle you
even if they take the summer
lest you fall to the past
worried about things
that will never last
trust me dear, this goes too fast


i went too far this time
chalk it up to being dull
languished for so long
seem to have forgotten it all
piled on the old bedrock
left alone for months
to settle soundly by
built up ambiguity
for the seventieth lie
don’t plan on stopping
that is, unless
you choose to confide
by the river at night
with heavy clouds
covering the moonlight
if you look scared
i’ll know the truth
about the way it hit you
across the face
in the name of heaven
for the sake of grace
to be revered
or soon to be wrought
as the minute hand
strikes the six
on my grandfathers pocket watch

de novo

stay close
i won’t escape

was it on display
while i slumber
under the gaze
of recovery

did you fear
what i exhibited
in your presence

of my own free will
to shudder

i felt it
in my veins
without me
looking in

my arms

my legs

chemical imbalance
the residue of fatigue
under my eyes

you brought me back
to my body
my reign
held back

under my control

until the night
beckons it again

i hope
your touch
once more