i keep getting in trouble
with you, you

stealing from the rich
giving to the poor, poor

got a wanted poster
with a big reward, reward

if you’re robin hood
then i’m little john, john

we got a bunch of friends
call themselves merry men, men

you just chase marian
to be your bride, bride

am i on the right side
guess i’ll find out in time, time


what will you do
when you wake up
to find your voice
has left you

i’ll take a pen
and draw out
your feelings
to the world

just like before
it will be kept
only between you
and me

and to those
who look outside
and admire the words
in secret comforts

but those are welcome
that find warmth
and solidarity
among us


no fun, is it

i don’t plan to frighten you
woth my long winded tales
of the fears of the future
and growing older

so take it with a grain of salt
not all that is predicted
will eventually come true
the rest is up to you

look back on your past mistakes
they will serve true
to the actions you take
going forward through

best not to linger
on unchangeable things that
end up keeping you awake
in the middle of the night

don’t let mornings be ruined
before they get a chance to start
don’t take my words too seriously
or keep them close too your heart

misperceptions of the past

can you look me up
on your fingers
i know you love
to hear my name
does my face
come to you in dreams
is my voice
hard to erase

you had been
too far gone
for so long
can you reconstruct
a memory of me
in your mind
to play along
without uncertainy

mishaps of the past
ruined the old bonds
severed by mistrust
will there be one
to change it all
fix these constructs
so you can come back
a better version of you

road trip (you)

if i wasnt flying
i guess i’d take the bus
if the sun wasn’t rising in the morning
you’d write the day off as a bust
but don’t get so frustrated
if you let every little thing win
you’d have so much trouble trying to begin
we’d get there eventually
all in due time my love
even if it took a few days
just another place to get out of
i’d be glad it was with you
all the time we’d spend together
i’d never have a bad day
even under gloomy weather
when we reach our destination
i hope we never forget
the journey it took to get here
as we sit and watch the sunset