would you come back to me?
i’ve misplaced all my memories.
last night I fell from the sky.
realized what time it was,
jumped a few stories.
i burst into pieces,
when i struck the ground.
nobody recognizes my face anymore.
i was high.
forgotten time.
remedy this portrait of me.
i came assembled.
posable and slender.
but I just can’t seem to remember,
where did you go?

saints be merry

i met up with your best friend,
she really liked me – in a way.
i had all i wanted back home,
but why would i want to stay.
you were working afternoons,
i was there just to visit you.
and you smiled on,
and on – when you saw my face.
what was i doing in this place?
didn’t want to make the same mistake.
i missed you, more then days could save.
because you were so far away,
that our love let down.
but we meant it – till that day.
used to the taste of cigarettes,
and the sorrow of my ways.

contradictive irony

we have all been framed.
we have all been bent.
we have all been sun crisp.
we have all had our faces captured.

you looked happier then.
i looked like i do now.
just more of a joke.
me, not you.

you had different shades of lipstick.
don’t get me wrong, you were beautiful.
but i never told you otherwise, did i?
complements were few and far between us.

no, more class.
i just smile.
it makes my mom proud.

i am the disaster.
you can be the bystander.
who looks onward.
maybe i just dwell to long.

friends were harder on me.
i thought it was for the better.
it felt reassuring.
your skin.

but like lies of sunsets.
fairy tales.
a lack of light remained.

my mind is set.
daylight savings time.
leap years.
the twenty-ninth of feburary.

if i ever cease to remember.
is it possible to cease to forget.
it’s not about broken hearts.
you and i know hearts can mend.

endings are hard.
final words are lost.
mixed meaning.
can’t place my finger on it.

but the lack of enjoyment.
fills me with not a drop of hate.
just a form of wonder.
why you rest your head.


i am pushed by obscurity.