behind a pane of glass
i can finally see you again
as the sun shines behind you
your shadow reflects in front
but i can make you out
like old memories
i am transported back
to when you were close
but i can only look
as i try to remember
your voice
your essence
your charm
but time goes astray
things unwind and change
the sun goes away
i’m left holding on
to a version of you

east to west, repeat

not all days end the same

certain events do repeat
but are never guaranteed
changes in the weather
the stars in the sky
the position of the moon
or the sun rising in the east
to set down in the west

but maybe
your heart skips a beat
someone you love passes
an enemy becomes a friend
you remember what you’ve forgotten
frivolous things become delights
you lose everything
you gain nothing

when you rise
like the sun in the east
will you continues to wonder
if this day is just like the others
or will you look onward
to see the differences around you
before the sun sets down in the west

not all days end the same

therein lies

how intricate are your intimacies
do they connect your perversions
while severing fears and doubts
the eyes you wish looked elsewhere
then upon the body of your work
can you hide indoors to delight
when all the fun of nature seduces
the air you had to share with them
is as old as the blood you pump
through hollow veins echoing surrender
convicted felons of free formation
held you to words you thought best saved
for the hearing of your life disaster
their value dropping in the thousands
as your lies grow in demand
the truth of the delivery
returns you to the honest parts left
broken bones with rotten marrow
eager to take you back to the beginning
so they can finally do what you never could do
give up