far but not too far away

jump up and down
as i play
this sweet lick

slide back to me
just this once
for fun

shake your head
so your hair
goes everywhere

put your hands
in the air
and wave

kiss off
into the distance
to hit me someday

i’m not here
to see you move
but i can feel it

your body
always responds
to my sound

nothing has changed
except distance
between us

your heartbeat
has and always will be
a dead giveaway

not the best friend

i held a candle vigil
for the memory of you
i forgot to invite everyone
so i stood in the park alone

i put flowers on your tombstone
but the wind blew them away
i wasn’t wearing the right shoes
so i didn’t chase after them

i misspelt your last name
in the newspaper obituary
there were some extra vowels
and a few consonants missing

i hung up your picture
the one where your eyes were closed
i only used a single nail
it hangs crooked in the hall

i forgot to read your will
so i ended up with all your stuff
i’m having a garage sale next sunday
everything will be a buck

your parents told me to stop calling
cause you aren’t there to pick up
but i like when it goes to voicemail
so i can tell you how much i’ve fucked up


and it’s odd
that you’ve given up
with the time that you had
left on the meter
running down slowly
without a change
on your face
without the sleight
of your hand

and it’s better now
to see you here
as you proudly stand
amongst your failures
the best that you can
where you end up now
it’s just a matter
of you sending out
some futile plan


have you been looking past
yesterdays tired reflection
though you seem to progress fast
it’s in the wrong direction

wait until the sun rises high
casts a shadow of an old friend
as times passes on by
you can finally reach the end

have you learned from your mistakes
taking on more risks and fear
sorting through the lies and fakes
until everything becomes clear

is there more to you then this
unimaginative ideals thrown in
an never ending untangable abyss
composed of agonising sin


the answer you gave me
was filled with sad acceptance
matching the morbidity
of my unannounced question

do we choose to accept it
have we come to terms
that those we were close too
have and will be further away

our once close relation
has been shifted
to second thoughts
and derelict memories

those we trusted
with guarded secrets
spent long days and nights
rebelling in our youth with

have come to an end
the seemingly eternal flame
smothered by reaching proximity
by the unravelling myriad of time

the guilt we feel
wondering if our lack of effort
is the direct result
that makes us so ill

have we let them down
are they no longer worthy
do we deserve their forgivness
or did we make the right move

was our growth too much
outweighing the bond
that kept us down
never to progress

did the ambition
we tasted and soon devoured
become the downfall of us
our signed fate declared

my breath filled
with drink that night
you looked down
and then at me

“friends are still friends. even when proximities are increased. when character is discovered. bonds can be mended. when the time for growth is completed. and fires, fires can always be reignited.”

i was a fool to question
something i should’ve know
the answer to
thank you, sister