i put my hand into the silver, the shift of temperature tingles along my arm.
i can feel the presence, of another who wants to connect with like minds.
grasping on to them, i pull and struggle to stay in place.
tightening my grip, pain begins to pierce me.

i cannot fight the force,
i cannot let go,
i struggle within,
will i subdue?

or is this all moot – will i always be engaged
to escape


you’re off somewhere,
carefree and distant,
content but reluctant,
seemingly put together,
living life.

now you’re behind a desk,
improved you stature,
with a spark that lit,
into a burning fire,
lovingly unfazed by it.

train tracks and bourbon,
with your best friend,
and warm flat coke,
on a random summer night,
lost in the midst of age.

tied up the future,
coming from a broken past,
but you use what had happened,
as a simple get go fast,
break down when it doesn’t last.

free birds,
caged cats,
wild coyotes,
foreign species,
all bleed the same.


the rooftops keep still,
although the weight of the snow pushes down,
they remain silent and motionless,
lit by moon light.

the street lights blur,
beams of tainted yellow,
bouncing off of snowflakes,
guides of the night.

the road remains covered,
few tracks remain clear,
smeared like a mistaken map,
directions are all unclear.

the sidewalks are slush,
slowing down late night pedestrians,
who push on to go home,
with damp feet and cold souls.

i stand by the mail box,
looking forward,
cold and shaking,
lost and alone


i’m sorry i keep making you smile.
i’m sorry i helped you have a nice day.
i’m sorry that you’re in denial.
i’m sorry that you’ll never look at me in the same way.

we were meant to expire on the summers end.
we watched the days expand and fires burn out.
we followed our desires, were we even friends?
we walked through the sand, with my mind in doubt.