my circulation isn’t all that great
i keep showing up late
busting through your front door
bleeding all over the kitchen floor
asking for a glass of red wine
to get the kinks out of my spine
in truth i thought that you’d forget
my actions that i’d come to regret
time still hasn’t healed my wounds
i keep finding myself in terrible moods
easier to push it to the back of my mind
but then my anxiety and fears get combined
i’m not helping anyone by keeping quiet
and having a consistent liquid diet
the old me would be passed out by now
i’m sure your sick of hearing it anyhow
would you pass me the phone
i’m tired of being alone
let me hear the faint distant tone
the most calming thing i’ve ever known
persistent and beating true
unlike my broken heart through and through
whatever get’s my blood flowing again
like a hot rod in the fast lane
just to keep me operating
instead of standing around debating
what i should be doing to fix myself up
stop me from going overboard and blowing up


it’s easy to give up
with fires burning
so to line up
without any warning
makes it seem to me
that you’ve got it down
wondering if it can be
put underground
never having to worry
about it making a sound
last chance
to show your hand
before we start
taking numbers
adding them all up
maybe then we’ll see
all the secrets
you’ve been keeping
as the flames start
to die down
all that was hidden
will finally be found
sift through the embers
for everything to be
revealed on the ground
your best laid plans
left in the ruin
could have been avoided
if hadn’t stuck around


i got dropped in
the middle of it
couldn’t make sense
of what was going on
best guess, is that
i’m probably wrong
smoke show
pointing strong
the other way
something strange
coming my way
but i forgot
my keys
to turn on
better follow
the brief hum
of electricity
flowing in my veins
keeping arranged
to my heartbeat
on the screen
short and weak
long highs
quick peaks
chiming out of tune
waiting for you
to blow out
the coverage
get me outta here
i’d even let you steer
on the wrong side of the road
tricks of the trade
a long con
a bitter charade
to lift me out
of this bad dream
keeping me awake
at night
like a constant parade
of old memories
mismatched socks
with holes on sundays
or the sound of
your father on the phone
begging you to come home
when you feel better of alone
with your hands clasped
around an empty bottle
to get you through it
or my recollection of it all
could just be blurred
but how absurd
would i have to be

soft tone

i just gave it to you
in case of emergency
left alone in the quiet
maybe just to chime in
for everyone else to see

as the sun starts rising
maybe the dawns been lying
for years to test me
let it be a reminder
for me to stop this dependency

better speak up to me
go through all the motions
categorize my colours
from dark blues to off greens
hide the spectrum i can’t see

well if you gave me a ring now
don’t know if i’d answer
or even consider saying hello

but you know i’d just let it go

straight to the machine

crescent harbour

you took me to the harbour
on a crescent moon
in the middle of september
it was as hot as june
i wished upon the moonbeams
to give us better sight
i just held you closely
as we gazed into the night
never seeing our reflections
in the dark waves below
just the ships in the bay
unloading their cargo
the echoes of laughter
from children afar
swans paddles by us
as we gaze up to the stars
the glow from the city
emerging in the skyline
reaching to the night
as we remain on the coastline
these nights together
move by fast
maybe on a full moon
the night will finally last