top floor, right

in the wrong
or the side tales of mistakes
where you found me
in dusty corners of lost

honest accident
my face cutoff in photos
you in the sunlight
showing off boundless beauty

never introduced
to people you’ve known
after i came around
as a secondary thought

giving up now
my shattered portrait
when you left for good
with the key to

just to move along

i hesitate to bring up
the words that put you down
does it hurt that much
when you fall to the ground

they always make the same
putting their hands where
they don’t belong

are the followers kept
to the sides of the house
where the echoes are heard
so shallow and long

hard to keep up the
as the ceiling begins to
fall away

can you keep this close
to the brim of your neck
as i give you my secrets
please don’t give them back


i never met your father
nor did i learn his name
come to think of it
i still don’t know it now

i have seen his face before
in a photograph
kept on your dresser
you beside him and your sister
all three smiling
i made a gesture to it
you gave a quick smile
then continued me onward

next time i came over
the photograph was gone
you were slighty drunk
smoking cigarettes hastly
leaning into me
kissing my neck
holding onto me

i came to see you again
but you didn’t come to the door
i half expected you to stumble out
kiss and apologize to me
but no lights were on
no car in the driveway
i went home worried about you

by the time i got back
i was greeted with a voicemail
no words
just you crying
i called back
but i never got an answer

now i wonder about you
from time to time
where you are
and your father’s name

grade school geography

are you standing in my fault
waiting for the divide
to seperate the plates
that have been constantly
colliding quietly for years

can you hear me shout
my waves are reaching out
to return to your beaches
bring you back into
my cold dark open body

maybe your still lost
in the forest of my mind
filled with misguided ideals
along minor brush fires
to eviscerate old memories

at our opposite poles
we can be the farthest apart
but share chilled temperatures
alongside complimentary landscapes
but you get penguins and i get polar bears

blue eyes (lead)

blue eyes lead to trouble

blue eyes will ruin plans

blue eyes will sidetrack ambitions

blue eyes will break promises

blue eyes will say what you want to hear

blue eyes will break hearts

blue eyes will grow fears

blue eyes will reopen wounds

blue eyes will mistrust your gut

blue eyes will choose lust and desire

blue eyes will make a foe from a friend

blue eyes will be the death of you

blue eyes lead you to a downward spiral