cast off your armour (friend)

no one wants to pierce your skin

let your weary bones rest

the days of trouble are no more

lay down your weapons (ally)

their use is now null

never again shall they clash

foes rest as well

ease your mind (soul)

let go of your fears

of memories

of terror


has no one told you?

the war is over

makes us

its a messy business,
waking up in the morning.

not prepared for the day.

it shows off.

it pushes you.
to strive.
whispers catch you.

with cold shivers.

a failure to grasp another.

so easy to get,
so easy to ask.

but why waste their breath.
sidewalks bend.

lives curve.

raised eyebrows in every room.

fiery tongues spit.

while quivering digits drop.
prepared for the worst.

visions inside.

future plans.

bitter taste.

sleeping escape.
these lives of ours.