having hate in our hearts,
leaves little else to reside.

anger fills our thoughts,
positivity escapes us.

surrounded by negativity,
how are we supposed to be positive.

will our faith prevail,
or do we succumb to humanity.

will we ask for help,
or continue on,
aimlessly optimistic.

intimate reeve

smokestacks pillowing smog,
train crossing in the distance,
yielding traffic light flashing,
wind rustling dead leaves.

you’ve lived here all your life,
you were fond of it in youth,
you cast it off in adolescence,
but you won’t miss it in old age.

it was here,
you confided,
poured out,
regretted most.

you were persuaded,
the north would set you free,
no ties to old lies,
you fled in the morning.

the days without,
made short the months through,
for the years past,
hopes you would return.

nothing ever changes,
in a town you were born,
with the people you remember,
for you to give up on.

the smog still climbs,
the trains still pass,
the traffic light blinks,
and the leaves,
are born again.


the moonbeams glowed on your face. 
the stars sparkled in your eyes. 
the wind rang in your ears. 
the cold air filled your lungs. 

you changed before me. 
into someone else. 
foregoing farewells. 
you chose to forget the past. 

i’ll remember you as you were. 
that night in my arms. 
cold, but content. 
waiting to disappear. 


i always think of you in the autumn,
when leaves fall
with sharp winds.

maybe it’s from our past encounters,
closed local pools
echoing our voices.

from the cold catching our skin,
tangled hands
on frozen lips.

we didn’t have a summer love,
hearts in other places
far from reach.

but it ended how it started,
when a season ends
a new one begins.