spotlight, will you follow me to my new beginning?
chasing me to the nearest end.
i’ll never get away from you now.
my every move.
no glaring emissions of events past

spotlight, will you ever give up on me?
turn away and never return.
leaving me alone in the dark.
helplessly still.
will you return to enlighten

spotlight, will you ever forgive me?
letting my sins play out.
prying eyes view misfortune.
shamefully present.
will you continue my desire

spotlight, will you ever fault.


what about the present day?
you think so little of it now.
scouring memories of the past,
regretting decisions of youth.

what would you really do different?
you don’t know what you do now.
with ambition and naivety,
bound to make mistakes.

when will you stop and look ahead?
things are better now.
knowledge and experience,
make new mistakes – be foolish.


i was there that night.
i didn’t know if you remembered.
i just remember my empty bottle.
and your hands.

i was so smooth.
i didn’t feel rejuvenated.
i just left that to you.
and your skin.

i was confused.
i didn’t know where i was.
i just trusted you.
and your voice.

i was tired.
i didn’t close my eyes.
i just opened my mouth.
and your lips.

i was set.
i didn’t see it.
i just let it happen.
and you soared.

distant cover

i had just turned the corner. i left her while she still had stardust in her eyes.

the inside of my car still gave off the warmth that it had been treated to only minutes ago. the thought of opening my window did not strike me, when it did, i thought it best to keep them closed. i enjoyed the warmth more then i would let anyone else know.

the only noise emitting from my car was the gentle hum of the engine and the slight acceleration of the tires on the pavement. it was early morning, but, it felt more like dusk.

if you asked me the moment it happened, i would still say, ‘i have no idea’, but, that is simply the truth. as i turned the corner i began to slow down, regardless of how far my foot pushed the pedal. just as i came into a full curve, small drops of water began to cover me. they gently tapped, giving off a glow as they burst.

the radio emitted noise to every hit of the water. it didn’t irritate me one bit, as the sounds were just the drops of water amplified through my stereo. each with its own distinctive and unique pitch, tone and speed.

as i came around to straighten out, the drops of water slowed down, and with it the sounds being amplified also slowed down becoming quieter. the drops cleared by the time i had finally straightened out. the stereo went quiet again. i pulled over to the side.

the door swung quickly as i burst out. i looked back at the curb. it was completely dry. i gazed on the corner looking for a broken pipe or a sprinkler. just dried up land. the back window still had beads of water follow its curves downward.

my hand pressed against the hood. it was cold with a thin layer of moisture. i opened the door and slid back into my seat. i peered through the back window. the beads still sliding down, i turned the ignition and shifted into drive.

the streetlights flickered, my eyes relaxed and my mind bewildered. i don’t know what i want to believe it. i don’t want to know if i will ever understand it.

peering down the road, a light catches my eye. it grows and reveals its true self. i drive into the awakening sun. the beads disappear as i follow the path and am covered by the strengthening beams.