we talked
someone’s bathroom

laughing drunk
cute girl smile

i dropped my phone
too busy
staring at your
eyes, blue

laughing drunk
cute girl smile

your friend
off you went
my phone

laughing drunk
cute girl smile

my bud
rode shotgun
heater blasting
drying phone
i drove home

laughing drunk
cute girl smile


what stands ahead
blocking you now
from the endgame

are fears conjured
hopes dashed
heartbeats faltered

will you trek onward
facing obstacles
with white knuckles

open cuts bleed
leaving trails
of yesterday

from agony you left
only to fall upon
ill contentions

now you see terror
eyes glazed over
tragedy will befall you

yet march on
failure is not given
until success is attempted

they hear not of you
but of your actions
albeit, the last of them

brief drawback

mistakes were made
things were taken
items were broken
you lost innocence
for a new vengeance

take a step back
to gain perspective
on the current situation
so you can clear your head
looking ahead with fresh eyes

corrections can be made
replacements are possible
fixes are in progress
changes are made
amnesty will prevail

marching waste

what cost do you face
coming to conclusions
of yesteryears choices
to falter in the end

is there worth to you now
after the trades of time
while gold rusts away
in your old hands

no retreat from the future
living in the present fear
overcoming lackluster lows
to the mirror of reality

stick close to the skin
as bones shake underneath

cliffside sacrifices

you’ve taken the fall
time and time again
i went after the one closer
i knew you would accept
this role bestowed
my strongest ally
in the time we’ve had
i wonder if you’ve envied
my happiness in your falls
if you wished to be here
above it all to escape

know i will change places
i will take the risks
accept the fate
when presented
i will let you climb above
get ahead and achieve
be close to those loved
i will sacrifice
my sensibilities once more
for you my friend

till the day
we both fall
to the occasion
of our demise