i dropped you off
but along the way home
i picked you up
because i used to
know you
but not enough
to see you
with me by you
but i still picked you
up along the way home
while my room mate sat
in the back quietly
as we flirted
when we pulled up
to his house
where his mother
was sorting
after he got out
i hit their garbage can
but i didn’t stop
because you kept talking
i kept smiling
the rest of the drive
until i dropped you off
and i went on my way home
after i picked you up

southern belle

when you left
your heart was a mess
tied down to souls
with rusted hands
corroding with every

then you flew
down to the sun
leaving most
with your true intentions
save for one

upon your return
companions confided
your secrets unto me
the mistakes you made
the tears you left

to your true love
i spoke nothing of
your dishonesties
in weak moments
of drunken lust

now years gone by
i wonder do they know
the basis of your love
built on a covered well
echoing out to be heard by

as children play above
will the wood rot away
breaking under the weight
to reveal the past unknown
bringing it all tumbling

it was fear (in my youth)

it was when you told me
he locked you in a cage
made you bark
loud and constant
until you cried

but you continued

when he grabbed you
twisted your arms
pushed you against walls
leaving holes and bruises
darker then the old ones

but you continued

he degraded you
yelled at you
told you had no value
that your breath was wasted
to stop altogether

but you continued

he tied you up
smacked you around
cut lines on your body
let them heal
before cutting again

but you escaped

now years later

your face came to me
out on the crowded street
it was different then before
like it had overcome
the hardships of the past

that you told me of
when i was young and weak

as the year retires

“they are smaller.”
“well up here, of course they are.”
“no,” she said as the wind took her hair and covered her face, “i mean to us.”
i moved the parted hair from her face and looked her in the eyes, “but we don’t know any one of them. how do we know how large or small they are?”
“every one starts off small to us, it’s only once we get to know them that they become larger to us. the successes, the hardships, the lies, the loves – the lives they lead. it’s amazing how someone so small to us at first, can become the biggest thing in our own life.”
“i see what you mean, but, that means most of everyone will remain small to us then,” i said looking off over the escarpment.
“it’s the sad truth, i suppose,” she sighed and then began to smile, “but it’s always worth it to try – you could find that someone who compliments you perfectly.”
i held her hand as we both stared out to the city below, the wind still whistling against us as the year ran out it’s final minutes.

crescent harbour

you took me to the harbour
on a crescent moon
in the middle of september
it was as hot as june
i wished upon the moonbeams
to give us better sight
i just held you closely
as we gazed into the night
never seeing our reflections
in the dark waves below
just the ships in the bay
unloading their cargo
the echoes of laughter
from children afar
swans paddles by us
as we gaze up to the stars
the glow from the city
emerging in the skyline
reaching to the night
as we remain on the coastline
these nights together
move by fast
maybe on a full moon
the night will finally last