i was harsh
upon our first meeting
you cut your hair
so i didn’t recognize you
i started off blaming you
the pictures i had seen
with your long hair
you were on a cliff
overlooking a body of water
the sun shone through your hair
it was a perfectly captured moment
of angelic beauty
but now it was trimmed
off to the side more
whatever was captured
was lost on the salon floor
i bit my tongue
when i saw tears
running down your face
by that point
you had turned to leave
i grabbed your arm
only for you to turn
and slap me
hard against my face
four months later
i dared to call and apologize
when i came over
your hair had grown out
but whatever once was there
had left, and would never come back
I turned around
headed homeward
as you threw your mothers vase
at the sidewalk in anger

screaming expletives, as I escaped


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