give it all you’ve got
cause we wont be back here
for a long while
to redeem ourselves
of our failed past

stop biting your lip
start grinding your teeth
while your eyes twitch
sweat beads
from the old heat

if you get too tired
keep pushing harder
we can’t afford to stop
put too much in
to give up now

as your lungs get sore
your heart pounds on
your hands shake
think about it
the long play


feeling it under my skin, the soft caress of my blood.
somber in its appearance, but don’t judge it by its size.

should i give up and call it day?
never thinking that i would come to fall.

did you wonder about me at night?
bet you fell asleep with out a worry at all.

i could never give it up for you.
i could never set it aside for you.
i could never forget you.

just sit up and give me a better time – used to be easier to fight.
now i fear i understand, never really had a chance at all.

fifty fifty

you stayed up late, i went to bed.
you were set back, i was resting my head.

giving or taking, whose side will break in – fortress of unjust living.
thinking and acting, different sides of the coin – action withstanding.

if hearts make amends, then what happens when hearts die?

my hearts on the mend, so go fly – off.


capture me now (while i still have my youth)
let the light shine on me
illuminate the angles and shapes i compose.
remember my voice and commit it to memory.
let my words carry on in strength (before they become entangled in weakness)

my skin will tighten and slice with ease.
blood pumping to keep my heart beating (as long as it can)
as my eyes seek to escape this decay
my mind will let go of its grounds
i will lose control.

i dare not judge those that choose to continue.
plastered with contempt across their face.
i fear the days that will change me.
i will succumb to the disease (it will take me)
all in good time.