the blood in your veins travels quicker then the light in your eyes.
from your heart to your fingertips in ten seconds short.
just like the words from your lips always come out as lies.
every last syllable, noun and verb twist and contort.
never letting the truth be shown in your eyes.
looking side to side to escape as a last resort.

the comfort in my heart gets disrupted with every beat.
beads of sweat descend from my temples.
in the cold of the night i still feel the heat.
does your blood boil in each and every vessel.
on this old empty worn out street.
with signs covered in rusted metal.

we always end up here, two figures in the dusk.


i fell in love with a girl from okinawa
she was beautiful and danced on the moon
always had a little ribbon in her hair
wished i didn’t have to leave
back to my home town
far away

i gave my heart to her in okinawa
cool summer nights with morning rain
hands always intertwined
our lingering fears grow
being separated
broken again

if i ever go back to okinawa
will i see her smile and the way she floats
wind gracing her hair
forget my mistakes
take me home
some day


will you ever stop reminiscing about the past (how it wronged you) or the future?

i cast off layers of doubt (memories of failure) with a blade of acceptance. 

 the words of the future (time advances (never escaping) without me) can never stop you

from turning around to look (gazing endlessly) at what once was. 

cast off your ignorance (bliss) to let yourself finally feel freedom. 

(hide away) conquer existence 

to reveal identity (selfless)


spotlight, will you follow me to my new beginning?
chasing me to the nearest end.
i’ll never get away from you now.
my every move.
no glaring emissions of events past

spotlight, will you ever give up on me?
turn away and never return.
leaving me alone in the dark.
helplessly still.
will you return to enlighten

spotlight, will you ever forgive me?
letting my sins play out.
prying eyes view misfortune.
shamefully present.
will you continue my desire

spotlight, will you ever fault.