makes us

it’s a messy business,
waking up in the morning.
not prepared for the day.
it shows off.
it pushes you.
to strive.
whispers catch you.
with cold shivers.
a failure to grasp another.
so easy to get,
so easy to ask.
but why waste their breath.
sidewalks bend.
lives curve.
raised eyebrows in every room.
fiery tongues spit.
while quivering digits drop.
prepared for the worst.
visions inside.
future plans.
bitter taste.
sleeping escape.
these lives of ours.


give it all you’ve got
cause we wont be back here
for a long while
to redeem ourselves
of our failed past

stop biting your lip
start grinding your teeth
while your eyes twitch
sweat beads
from the old heat

if you get too tired
keep pushing harder
we can’t afford to stop
put too much in
to give up now

as your lungs get sore
your heart pounds on
your hands shake
think about it
the long play