summer day

six am deserves my eyes, waking up next to you would be such a nice surprise. but your father’s health and your mothers smile, keep bouncing in my head with denial. well with winter gone and spring now here, when will there be time for us my dear.

the morning wind is brisk and fine, sweat drips down my back as the sun tries to shine. the newspapers say the town is doomed, i just thought it was something that everyone assumed. when i come running up to you on your front porch, with your embrace like a burning torch.

afternoon naps with the weather, as we watch the crowded streets together. your fathers coughs and maniacal laughs, while he informs us of statistics of love on charts and graphs. and dinner tastes like it smells, as your cats look onward from their miniature cells.

suddenly i feel the moon, days like these make may seem like june. and the quiet sounds that we hear, looking constantly for something to appear. but these calm summer nights, lead to so much more than city lights –

the stars just shine for us to keep on moving along.

shadowy figures

the fleeting fears of melancholy will soothe you in to slumber. the demons of your daunting dreams will wake you in a sweat.

agony and misery go hand in hand my friend. just the same as treachery and deceit will follow you to your grave.

but worry not about that which you have no control. guide yourself to rise above those who dig their own hole.

quite sure the sadness that you wish to elude, yet sits above your shoulders – will soon take advantage of the slowing pace and slit your throat completely.


the architecture of your surroundings guide you to the curvature of the earths deceptive view. 

it’s not a matter of your eyes being closed or the sun being hidden behind dark clouds of condensation. 

the rhythm you feel under your feet doesn’t wait for you to balance out and return unaltered. 

the sun will scathe you with its rays and bleach  your bones until they crack from fear and desperation. 

desire to be alive and the path to life will not be a journey or a destination – it will be a statement of what you were. 


cast off the tips of blue flames
the crackle of the burning embers
warmth emitting from the core
light casting shadows
as fuel burns quickly
everything weakens
flames hinder
embers burn out
warmth turns cold
light disappears

darkness is only a spark away
to bring me back


the blood in your veins travels quicker then the light in your eyes.
from your heart to your fingertips in ten seconds short.
just like the words from your lips always come out as lies.
every last syllable, noun and verb twist and contort.
never letting the truth be shown in your eyes.
looking side to side to escape as a last resort.

the comfort in my heart gets disrupted with every beat.
beads of sweat descend from my temples.
in the cold of the night i still feel the heat.
does your blood boil in each and every vessel.
on this old empty worn out street.
with signs covered in rusted metal.

we always end up here, two figures in the dusk.