spiders in the smoke alarm

creep out.
of my smoke alarm.
batteries been drained.
since ’95.
so a home.
you’ll find.
in my smoke alarm.
though I doubt it’s comfortable.
hope you live long enough to see the daylight in my eyes.

but just.
creep out.
of my smoke alarm.
you ain’t.
doing no harm.
building tangles of webs.
over the top of my bed.

last night I dreamt I was burnt alive but you found a way inside me.
so you could live on and continue strong in my.
smoke alarm.
my smoke alarm.

so just.
creep out.

of my smoke alarm.

ramble, i

where do you wander when the sun starts to set, why do you remember the things you regret. 

you used to smile in god’s good grace, now you always seem dizzingly out of place. 

i used to be fierce in my youth, but ongoing misfortune made it far from the truth.

the wisdom of elders always falls on deaf ears, like the troubles of always staring in mirrors. 

if the wind picks us up to our death, will you think of me with your last breath. 

take apart

teeth falling out of my mouth,
organs all over the room,
fingernails coming apart,
my hair falling out,
can’t see out of my eyes,
skin peeling of off my bones,
this vessel is broken – my spirit is free.

i had a robot – i tore off his arm,
crunched his memory chips,
fried his circuitry,
mangled his core,
he pulled himself back together,
got out of this town.

fierce killer of the north

fierce killer of the north,
can I look into your heart.                          
pry it open wide inside,                            
find the last of the decaying dawn.

you’ve been here for hundreds of years,
living your life away.                                  
one day they will bring you back,              
in a cage on display till the day you die.

but fierce killer of the north,                    
do they understands your ways – like me? 
like me? like me?

freedom will be,                                            
just a dream,                                                      
a memory,                                                        
for you.

but fierce killer of the north,                    
live on another day,                                      
let the children play,                      
peacefully until the dawn.

then slay away the night again.