the worst part is i knew all along.
i knew what would happen to me after i left.
the feeling started in my wrists.
it gradually made it to my palm.
then it crawl up to my fingertips.
it wasn’t a sharp pain.
more like a reminder what i was leaving.

i’ve gotten that feeling time and time again.
i’ve since just rolled my fingers.
occasionally cracking my knuckles.
before i reminisce.

predictions from the past

one day
when you open your eyes in the early hours of the morning
you’ll see more gray clouds then you did the day before yesterday
just remember why i fought for you
in 2185
woke me up in the night
your cold hands
kept me from leaving this war behind
fight for rights that we lost
died in my
oh i need it
why dont you leave me alone
it just seems to work
thats just how we felt
quite comfortable
just like the time i left you asleep
eyes never blink or cry for me again
and all
and in all
there was nothing left
to defend
so cry and weap as the sun goes to sleep
left to you and me
the new faded majority