in catherine. pt1

i met you by the used bookstore near your parents old house. it was early and the sun had yet to fully rise. giving off rays that were barley brighter then moonbeams. no one was around and the lot beside the store only had a broken down school bus. it had been there since the time I saw you last year. only now there were more broken windows and someone spray painted pink floyd lyrics along the side. 

you came by with a cigarette hanging from your lips and a small blue top on with denim shorts and your red converse. you spotted me and smirked as you pulled the cigarette out of your mouth and blew smoke making your lips pouty. smiling as you wave the smoke from the front of your face. 

“is this were we met last time?” as she looked around, “i thought we met by the pool along first and avalon?”

“no it was here, i can’t say that i’m surprised you don’t remember.”

she titled her head and smiled. she went forward to kiss me and i pulled back for a split second before she put her hand on my collar and pulled me in. I closed my eyes and tasted the cigarette in my mouth. and he warmth. and her hand against me. why am i here?


it truly is a shame to repeat
that time is and always will be
an object of which we will never
have control.

i always find that when my eyes
are open taking it all in
that time slows down to display
lifes beauty.

however, when i close my eyes
time decides to gain momentum
taking no mercy on the experiences
i’ll miss.

when i do get a chance
to look at the beauty around me
to longingly admire it
i cherish.


with so few minutes left in the day, will you waste your breath in anxious jargon?
do you just cast your eyes to something more appealing then what you witnessed last?
how many memories of the past run through your eyes when you could look anew?
will you grip your hands tight in anger, knowing you can’t stop time?

you might do any one of these things, but friend – fear not.
you will live to see the next.
just remember that fateful day,
when it is your last,
to waste it not,
but to embrace it.