the vodka hits the bottom of your glass,
you’re on the floor in a state of mind that i don’t understand,
so wake me up in the morning behind the back of the bar,
because the world moves too fast for us to fall.

and when the world pushes back and we’re bound to fall
– the last push for those of us who need too much of everything and nothing at all.

the push,
the shove,
gives me all the cravings,
the savings of the pitiful,
and the tablets dissolve.

wish away the lust,
the pain,
and all the withdraw
-sleep tight with the fight that will end us all

temp bres

i wish you called.
i had my eyes open the entire night, watching the minutes pass.
by sunrise i realized i had only prepared myself to be exhausted for the rest of the day.
not that it was of any importance.
the occurrences of the planet played out,
those who spoke used only that of which they ever do to speak – shadows.
acknowledgement is all they seek.
who am i to not indulge them.
they are just like me – afraid, tortured and alone.
the acceptance of their hidden presence only validates this.
but i simply wanted that which any one person does.
to hear your voice and to fill my mind with your words.
but here i stand.
awake with the sun.
counting the moments when it is suitable for me to send my voice to you.
i wish you called.


pack your bags
it’s time to go
you’ve been here
long enough

havent you taken
the town sees you
for what you are

kind eyes only
can save you
from inevitable

don’t you understand
what’s at stake
if you stay here
for another year

limbo is just
another word
that keeps you

leave now
for your own
your own