made you savoury

are you here
presenting to be
off the cuff

smug and secure
in hopes of
high society

will you shine
above it all
discrete yet

from the back
you seem small
almost light
hearted too

you fool them
into thinking
their image
is true

but know
that i jest
when i say
i do too

greatness came
to you
fallen through
and through

silicon spark

she says i’m complicated
with equations on my brain
i’ve tried to erase them
but the outlines still remain

it’s not that i’m ignorant
of the words you have to say
but each time i open my mouth
i regret the rest of the day

please bear with me
i’m only human after all
i missed the quiet nights of winter
not the heartbreaking words of fall

when the numbers don’t add up
and the spring begins to emerge
i’ll come out of hiding
we can finally converge

my mind will be a blank slate
your words will be my desire
until the sun sets once again
as i disconnect your wires

far but not too far away

jump up and down
as i play
this sweet lick

slide back to me
just this once
for fun

shake your head
so your hair
goes everywhere

put your hands
in the air
and wave

kiss off
into the distance
to hit me someday

i’m not here
to see you move
but i can feel it

your body
always responds
to my sound

nothing has changed
except distance
between us

your heartbeat
has and always will be
a dead giveaway

not the best friend

i held a candle vigil
for the memory of you
i forgot to invite everyone
so i stood in the park alone

i put flowers on your tombstone
but the wind blew them away
i wasn’t wearing the right shoes
so i didn’t chase after them

i misspelt your last name
in the newspaper obituary
there were some extra vowels
and a few consonants missing

i hung up your picture
the one where your eyes were closed
i only used a single nail
it hangs crooked in the hall

i forgot to read your will
so i ended up with all your stuff
i’m having a garage sale next sunday
everything will be a buck

your parents told me to stop calling
cause you aren’t there to pick up
but i like when it goes to voicemail
so i can tell you how much i’ve fucked up


and it’s odd
that you’ve given up
with the time that you had
left on the meter
running down slowly
without a change
on your face
without the sleight
of your hand

and it’s better now
to see you here
as you proudly stand
amongst your failures
the best that you can
where you end up now
it’s just a matter
of you sending out
some futile plan