reforged by time

the memories i want to keep
have been torn down
the memories i want to forget
haunt me relentlessly

the town i grew up in
reminds me of regret
the town i ran away to
fills me with anger
the town i was born in
i’ve returned for good

the friends afar
i keep close
the old friends
are forgotten

to remember now
would only help
me to forget
memories of before

made of the past
forged again
in the future
my being is anew

manual misery

don’t worry i’m still here
forging your name on paper
reciting our lies in anger
can’t you open up to me
reaching new heights for free
step away now stranger
i can’t put it in words
that will ring true
who knows what to do
when all time ends
we’re in danger

share your stories
they revel in your agony
motion sickness for the masses
poisoning your brain
just for pleasure
delivery always guaranteed
do you feel the chemicals
mixing around in your skull
overflowing to defeat
invisible enemies
cure you of actions
against you automatically
to heal in time
alongside a sleepless night

five bodies

do you know what it means
when your voice is so thin
will you try to get up
will you try to get in

if your lips cusp
on the table top
will your tongue
roll out and drop

will it be a pain
to raise your hand
if there’s something
you don’t understand

forgetting is fine
if you keep quiet
your looking slim
are you keeping a diet

i think the last time
i placed my eyes upon you
you weren’t looking so well
you had been struck in the heart
and then you took quite a spell

dearly departed
forgive my mistakes
i only meant to help
but i dumped you into the great lakes