as the year retires

“they are smaller.”
“well up here, of course they are.”
“no,” she said as the wind took her hair and covered her face, “i mean to us.”
i moved the parted hair from her face and looked her in the eyes, “but we don’t know any one of them. how do we know how large or small they are?”
“every one starts off small to us, it’s only once we get to know them that they become larger to us. the successes, the hardships, the lies, the loves – the lives they lead. it’s amazing how someone so small to us at first, can become the biggest thing in our own life.”
“i see what you mean, but, that means most of everyone will remain small to us then,” i said looking off over the escarpment.
“it’s the sad truth, i suppose,” she sighed and then began to smile, “but it’s always worth it to try – you could find that someone who compliments you perfectly.”
i held her hand as we both stared out to the city below, the wind still whistling against us as the year ran out it’s final minutes.

silicon traits

i had myself checked out
wasn’t feeling too keen
made sure my wires weren’t crossed
all functions operating noramlly
didn’t make any sense
cause i kept getting told
i wasn’t being me
things have changed drastically
but my firmware has stayed
maybe i need to downgrade
and reduce my natural electricy
everytime you run into me
it’s search and destroy
i liked it better
when i was just a normal boy
but baby
i know it’s hard
to be
an enemy
to me
so if i self destruct
don’t take it personally


is it a familiar feeling when your hands touch my skin
does it bring remembrance or a sense of dread
how old are you now that you forget yourself
draped in a mystery we wanted to pretend
hopeful in values you seem to believe
shouting graceful lullabies to passerby’s
so wound up on lithium you can’t cry
the truth still hurts when it’s hidden
your open wounds leave much to be desired
with a bleeding heart over a dying fire
who would let the sun go now
it was barely noon when you lied down
i can feel something if i try hard enough
but you give up when it doesn’t work immediately
like a locked groove i keep running into you
bound to be repeating the ending till you take me off
put on another one of your favourites

torn apart

if i took you by the hand
would you give me your trust
spoke a language you could understand
make it easier to adjust

contact was made so long ago
was it worth fighting for
chasing that neon glow
what a thankless war

it’s time you listen to me now
i’ll get us out of here
i’ve got the know-how
a way to make us disappear

(listen) new blood

i could present you
with irrefutable proof
spill my own blood
just to drive it home
scream at the top of my lungs
to fall on your deaf ears

but what’s worse
is that lies come by
from blood older then you
it becomes gospel over my plea
every sentence riddled with deceit
what will it take for you to believe me

i want to give up
but i can’t find a way
everytime i try
i find something else to relay
but it gets swept up
when the wind decides to change

who am i but the new blood
with you in your set ways