i never looked up
up into the sky
didn’t find an interest
trying to decipher the stars
when my sign showed up
i could never recognize
mercury in retrograde
the milky way was just a haze
but i would never subscribe
to the lies of a scorpio
falling over my field of view
poisoning my blood
until the change of the tides
comes up and moves me
to the other side
taking me up in the morning
where your skin can hide
but the sting always resides

when presented with facts

we were young
what happened
did we do something tragic

can i recover
if you come up
don’t seek a new lover

i could turn
at any moment
try not to be frightened

who you see
is not to be trusted
let alone allowed to leave

scare up something
a story of a new king
what ever you can sing

though it hurts
know that it gets worse
over a short period of time

lined up against you
go ahead and pick a new beau
one that shines brightly

evidence held back
presented in a bottle
opened up full throttle

does what you recieved
come with a guarantee
of pure satisfation


got it on top
going for broke
left it on the level
but the balance was off
slid down towards defeat
but the hammer hits
never being discreet
in my pleasures
where ever that leads
mangled over the years
thought i was one
to be along the side
but the habits died
the old stories too
i am what you see
now before you
let it be known
the person i now face
is the one i became
the one with hard truths
hung over my head
that will still be told
long after you and i are dead
the reflection i see
shows what was inside me
hear me now
let me roar

repeating quotes

will i lose my lustre
over time
grow old and weary
like the rest
forget memories
new and old

regrettably so

too much time
fretting over naught
instead of taking in
what passes by
there’s no going back
to try again

such truths to live by

looking into reflective surfaces
to see changes from yesterday
another characteristic fades
while a new one is presented
though there are diminishes
you see something new in return

it truly is no fun, growing old


behind a pane of glass
i can finally see you again
as the sun shines behind you
your shadow reflects in front
but i can make you out
like old memories
i am transported back
to when you were close
but i can only look
as i try to remember
your voice
your essence
your charm
but time goes astray
things unwind and change
the sun goes away
i’m left holding on
to a version of you