in the pitch black of night
i can see your flicker
illuminating ahead of me
but when i turn around
your already gone
sometimes i catch
small flashes
from the corner of my eye
but just as before
you’ve disappeared from behind
maybe you just like casting
shadows that aren’t yours
seeing them dance before you
letting them fade under your control
all while watching others reactions
as they jump out of their skin
then as they come to admire
the shape before them
it dims and departs
how kind and cruel you are
the roles you choose to play
projector and hit man
only the sun can take your fun away

short trip

are you here
in the quiet
dark corners
of this room

is your breath
visibly chilled
taking it in
silently still

yet i remain
unphased still
covered here until
you decide to return

every noise that echoes
inside of this house
is a clamouring statement
for you to come home

can you imagine me
waiting here patiently
wide eyed awake
come back to me

have you come to forgive me yet

it’s hard to find
the words to apologize
for the actions i’ve come to regret

as months turn to year
i remember my fears
about things i couldn’t control

don’t listen to me
i’ve said the wrong things
i only speak when i’m upset

sleepless mornings
take the best out of me
but in time i can mend

just to hear you say
there is hope for me
don’t give up just yet

if i sit alone too long
let my thoughts eat away
what will be left of my day

but now every time
that you come up in my mind
i have trouble trying to accept

can you differentiate
the good from the bad
or is it equal to who i am

all the strung out fights
about how i was never right
still haunt me now and again

your face comes to me
in the most mysterious way
but fades as i lay awake

if i could see
what you really thought of me
i wonder if i’d get a good night’s rest

mild observer

on rooftops, near the escarpment
near the lake
you can see above
and below
in the middle of them
atop windy rooftops

the trees on the cliffside
blowing what few leaves remain
down towards you
passing by
tumbling to the lake
beginning to freeze

as the wind picks up
the cold numbs your toes
putting you off balance
you stumble
but catch yourself
so you sit down
in between the highs and lows
as the seasons changes