have you come to forgive me yet

it’s hard to find
the words to apologize
for the actions i’ve come to regret

as months turn to year
i remember my fears
about things i couldn’t control

don’t listen to me
i’ve said the wrong things
i only speak when i’m upset

sleepless mornings
take the best out of me
but in time i can mend

just to hear you say
there is hope for me
don’t give up just yet

if i sit alone too long
let my thoughts eat away
what will be left of my day

but now every time
that you come up in my mind
i have trouble trying to accept

can you differentiate
the good from the bad
or is it equal to who i am

all the strung out fights
about how i was never right
still haunt me now and again

your face comes to me
in the most mysterious way
but fades as i lay awake

if i could see
what you really thought of me
i wonder if i’d get a good night’s rest


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