bold moves

are the walls warped for you too
does the pale blue sing deep
calling you old nicknames
like childhood friends and foes
eagerly awaiting for you to cave
let your emotions get the best of you
to disassemble you to your basics
inspecting flaws and characteristics
that mean more to you then them
but the values of happiness
are lost on those who hurt
while the long cold days ache
to get you back in their comfort
keeping you conflicted slowly
wearing you down to your marrow
unless you run away now
chances are you’ll be stuck
melting like your surroundings
wondering where you went to
after taking that last left turn
in a city you can’t escape
with a love that keeps you trapped
jump on the wave now
it’s your choice

joy in

well i can see you now
you were hiding in plain sight
your silhouette was blending in
to the new days light

stuck on your beauty
since the very first night
can’t give up on you now
that wouldn’t be right

if you listen
i can talk away
about my life
or today

hand in hand
show me the way
living to breathe
another day

well if tomorrow ends
before i get a chance to say
my life with you in review
is the greatest play

poor boy

our conflicting days
the beginning of the end
small gestures towards
to hold it together

you saw a sliver open
presenting an opportunity
to plant a seed to grow
mend this new rift

your face brought a smile
with a boquet of flowers
but i offered confusion
with a specific reasoning

my own insecurities
latched on a gesture
to scour it for an answer
for it’s existence

i gave you thanks
it seemed insincere
but i couldn’t understand
why you thought of me

you left to begin
as i began to leave
we shared a kiss
but i heard you say

“what a poor boy”

rather intertwined

i don’t know what it is
that keeps you at my side
is it the way i smile
when you look me dead in the eye

do you have the time again
to tell me what you mean
is there a mystery between us
what is it you can’t conceive

i’ve got seventeen lines left
to tell you my life story
there’s another fight, right
to get past, though it’s boring

if you read my rights now
you can pick and choose
whichever fits better
is it up to just me or you

by the end of the day
you’ll be sick and sorry
wonder if it was worth it
for all the guts, how gory

but don’t see me like this
don’t give me like that
if you have an idea
well just run and fall flat

catch a cold quicker too
so stick together now
if the weather decides to hold
well that’s reason enough for me

to stand by your side

my disregarded life

what parts of you
have been put to the side
in this new landscape
where the river divides
the past years recessing
while the future grips ahead

has old news been repeated
to your long distant eyes
worn out from contagion
with your beaten lungs
drowning in seclusion
without the agony of surprise

catching your breath
on a bad days best smog
while relief from anxiety
has been eaten up from hope
replaced by bold bruises
dragging weeds up from sand

the sky cracks open rarely
to let the acid burn through
cleanse out all the mistaken
the lost can still lose more
until our bones are exposed
was god always so relentless