speak up, elle

sometimes i just
can’t take
you seriously
it bothers me
walking around
the living room
back and forth
through my head
over and over
again and again
lost in a maze
try to go down
under my own
tired frown
bringing me up
is easier said
than done
but if it
wasn’t worth
the trouble
it wouldn’t ever
be so much fun
to try and match
the same old
laugh you had
when you were young
and i was over
all you had to say
in the long part
of the shortest day
was that you had
the reason i should
stay, but it never came

tired anthem

stop handing out
your old misery
to me, i don’t want
it hanging around
me like some kind
of rare disease

been tired of
worn out sympathy
i hear, clogging up
both of my ears
scratching to get
it out of here

i’ve thought about
trying out empathy
i feel, it’s not
really for me
can’t even fake
my own feelings

i heard about
your new treachery
i think, it’s all
such a new thing
to go out and
ruin everything

singing all day
about the demise
come again, what
may pass down
through my hands
into your mind

lost friends, long

let’s keep talking
until the morning
while my eyes still
see you clearly
it’s been so long
since i saw you last
can’t recall when
just glad to see
that your still alive
fill me in on
your busy life
how you left
found out yourself
brought it back
to this old town
not much has changed
still living here
under this old roof
where my father raised
my whole family
wonder if you
remember him too
used to admire you
on the last days
of the summer sun
said i should
hang around
wished i listened more
now the day
starts to brake
my time with you
will come to an end
but don’t be a stranger
i’ll be here
for a long time to come
stop by, say hello

backup generator

if you come back
and the light’s still on
know that i won’t be there

i’ll have gone to find
my true place in the world
far away from here

used to look forward
to my old friends to come
and keep me company

the tales i’d hear
from their days forgone
all till the end of days

but i know you won’t come
haven’t seen you in years
the house will remain empty

with the light’s still on


i keep getting in trouble
with you, you

stealing from the rich
giving to the poor, poor

got a wanted poster
with a big reward, reward

if you’re robin hood
then i’m little john, john

we got a bunch of friends
call themselves merry men, men

you just chase marian
to be your bride, bride

am i on the right side
guess i’ll find out in time, time