surround you in symmetry
to pick out the differences
between the here and now
lost in broken reflections
with sharper edges cutting
deep into the woodlands
being hunted by the past
is it harder to decipher
with your adrenaline pumping
your sweat freezing upon entry
to the last memories you hold
if i could pull you out
would what remains be famillar
or will it be lost to the ether
the mirror image of you
stuck in this foreign passage
for eternity to ponder
if escape is possible

hint of silence

sounding off to old bells
that ring in my head daily
rounding up memories
that haunt me nightly

if i could capture
serene nights perfect
i’d display them
in shadowboxes dimly lit

a rough drink
to go down gently
like the moonbeams
upon my hollow body

but as the sun peaks
over the horizon
the ringing stops
as the memories hault

soon to be forgotten