quiet hammer

i used to be like you
solid in my mass
light on my feet
i tumble quickly
towards ensuing trouble
i got out of hand
on more then one occasion
i carried the weight
of demise and destruction
on my back on a daily basis
but i gave it all up
so i could fly above
be closer to the sun
and farther from you
so i don’t bother now
to look down or even back
what’s past and below
will stay that way
until i fall back down
when my blood hardens
and my wings shed
slowly back to you

false raven

i kept noticing
the parts of you
were parts of me
altered to fit
the ongoing persona
you kept presenting
for appearances
while i faded
into the background
as the version of you
kept picking appealing pieces
that gauged intrigue
from the selfish crowd
who would abandon
on the first ill sign
your priorities lie
on creating a perfect you
from the broken people
who fell into view
unfortunate for them
to be undone by you