road trip (you)

if i wasnt flying
i guess i’d take the bus
if the sun wasn’t rising in the morning
you’d write the day off as a bust
but don’t get so frustrated
if you let every little thing win
you’d have so much trouble trying to begin
we’d get there eventually
all in due time my love
even if it took a few days
just another place to get out of
i’d be glad it was with you
all the time we’d spend together
i’d never have a bad day
even under gloomy weather
when we reach our destination
i hope we never forget
the journey it took to get here
as we sit and watch the sunset

hard setback

if the cut on your lip
bleeds onto the floor
do you still weep
blue to red
the change is the same
leaving you without
the sensation of pain
does it add up
in the long run
or does distance fall
shortly before losing
the point of it all
fortune favours you
the deafening voices
attend to your desires
in empty places
where do you hide
when there is nothing left
to conquer and divide
among the armies
throughout the age
take a step back
see what remains