rather intertwined

i don’t know what it is
that keeps you at my side
is it the way i smile
when you look me dead in the eye

do you have the time again
to tell me what you mean
is there a mystery between us
what is it you can’t conceive

i’ve got seventeen lines left
to tell you my life story
there’s another fight, right
to get past, though it’s boring

if you read my rights now
you can pick and choose
whichever fits better
is it up to just me or you

by the end of the day
you’ll be sick and sorry
wonder if it was worth it
for all the guts, how gory

but don’t see me like this
don’t give me like that
if you have an idea
well just run and fall flat

catch a cold quicker too
so stick together now
if the weather decides to hold
well that’s reason enough for me

to stand by your side


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