know that in the end
you lose for reasons
that you had no control

when you speak boldly
remember to iterate
what importance is, to you

as the other voices chime
try to speak louder
in matter, not volume

on your first injury
bandage only your will
it will continue to fail

dignity will be worthless
in the long game, also
upon your divergence

if only a point, of jest
unbeknownst to amateurs
they fail soon after too

but that, is for the end

yeilding to emotional illusions

it’s odd
i see it sometimes
in reflections
of my eyes, stricken
of light and colour
to see nothing else
but of this imposing
taking over, yet
it doesn’t strike
it acts as a blade
dealing an enormous blow,
that knocks you to your
instilling its adage
in the back of your mind
you leave unstable
somehow, still alive
and as time elapses
the wound never heals
the blade has left you
to be bled, reminding you
of its presence always
you, till you overcome it
or worse,
you succumb to it
i see it sometimes
in my eyes i see its
haunting reflections
confront me
how odd