would you mind
lending me a hand
i’ve gone off again
looking for trouble
only finding desires
that follow my endeavours
to dark corners
in new neighbourhoods

can you pry off
these clinging beings
who are biting down
on what little’s left
of my modest soul
breaking my skin
bound for brittle bones
and sour marrow

it’s time again
to call in a favour
repay me in actions
it wasn’t long ago
that i carved off
your blackened heart
severing the poison
from infecting your core

time is of the essence
my blood no longer boils
the chill of death
marches forward
to the beat of bells
please make haste
heal my warped wounds
push these demons back

i can see you now
in the distance
the break of dusk
facing forward on
breathing in the scene
only to grin from afar
they beckon to you
my friend, come undone

the bell you have rung


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