i don’t deal in dreams
have a hard time with astrology
when mercury is in retrograde
everything never ends well
despite what it seems
i won’t ever suffer
like the words before
they meant it
without passion or contempt
what will get you out
from the prisons you made
lukewarm water brigades
show compassion to all
when the worthlessness sets in
to pity the strong
or cast out the rebels
what dignity do you reveal
when it’s kept under your chest
wearing your heart on your sleeve
it will keep you down
for longer then it should
so take a deep breath
you’ll need it to survive
i don’t subscribe to their views
i catalog my dependencies
to live forever onward
with the sharp tongues
cutting into my skin
but keeping them away
from what i truly value
underneath it all
the stars we see
have been dead
for millennia


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