black cats & moonbeams

as i turn on the corner
near city hall
by the empty fairgrounds
to a quiet suburban street
with noise in my ears
i cruise the sidewalk
i duck as i pass under
blooming cherry blossoms
illuminated by moonlight
i first catch your eyes
green and shining
under the streetlight
you were sitting down
at the end of the driveway
beside a white picket fence
covered in rebirthing vines
you were black as the night sky
as i came closer
you followed my movement
your head tilted in curiosity
pondering my intentions
at first i left you alone
you seemed more puzzled
i stepped back after passing
for you to look up
step back
fan your tail
to welcome me
with a gentle
then licked your lips
i sent off a smile
continuing on my way

i was always told
to beware of black cats
especially on midnight strolls
the bad luck they bring
if they cross my path
but i believe
they have no ill intent towards me
as long as i leave them be
happy little creatures
that prowl the night
a friend among the moonbeams


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