i kept occupied
with what i thought was important
so after i left the city
you became a second thought
i measured our relationship
by the distance we resided
when i was there
you were the first one
i would talk to
would ask to go out
to share a conversation
to confide in
but i changed
i put my priorities
on my heart
let you get pushed back
every once in a while
i would shoot you a hello
a few times we made plans
few of those times
i showed up
i remember i held back
because i was letting my heart down
even when i was enjoying your company
the funny thing
after my heart broke
i turned to you
confided again
came to the city
but it was short
my heart skipped
i went into old rhythms
i repeated my actions
you stuck around
you were persistent
you weren’t letting me go
so i turned my heart
so i could balance
and when my heart broke again
you were there
i regret my past actions
i wasted so much time
being unhappy
missing out
not being apart of your life
it won’t happen again
i’m sorry for not being a friend
when you needed it most
when i forgot your lover’s names
your birthday parties
the times you needed to confide
i’m sorry
those days are over
i’m in it for the long run
my friend, my brother
till the power goes out


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