contradictive irony

we have all been framed.
we have all been bent.
we have all been sun crisp.
we have all had our faces captured.

you looked happier then.
i looked like i do now.
just more of a joke.
me, not you.

you had different shades of lipstick.
don’t get me wrong, you were beautiful.
but i never told you otherwise, did i?
complements were few and far between us.

no, more class.
i just smile.
it makes my mom proud.

i am the disaster.
you can be the bystander.
who looks onward.
maybe i just dwell to long.

friends were harder on me.
i thought it was for the better.
it felt reassuring.
your skin.

but like lies of sunsets.
fairy tales.
a lack of light remained.

my mind is set.
daylight savings time.
leap years.
the twenty-ninth of feburary.

if i ever cease to remember.
is it possible to cease to forget.
it’s not about broken hearts.
you and i know hearts can mend.

endings are hard.
final words are lost.
mixed meaning.
can’t place my finger on it.

but the lack of enjoyment.
fills me with not a drop of hate.
just a form of wonder.
why you rest your head.


i am pushed by obscurity.


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