broken bones – keep me from you
the long trek home, keeping me blue
long saturday nights turn into sunday mornings
try to keep you interested, even though i’m boring

you push and shove, but your all that i’ve got
hard to remember things you purposely forgot
you know some days, it’s hard to be your lover
so most days i just hide under the covers

on gloomy days it’s easy to understand
why it is you make me feel second-hand
used to the scolding in my face
come to grips with the deafening pace

last night i had a wonderful dream
where nothing was what it really seemed
you and i were farther apart then two seas
only ever meeting when the water would freeze

casting shadows is easy when the sun is going down
easier to swim when you don’t know how to drown
maybe i should have let you finally sink
it’s hard to do these thing, but easy to think

count up your sins and we can begin
you can be the truest form you’ve ever been
so as they leave you out here alone
it could never be worse to be known

just another faded memory
about another close encounter
maybe you should see someone about these feelings
instead of letting solutions be prescribed over the counter

you and i will never die
our souls will be ever conflicting
until there’s fire in the sky
well at lest that’s what their predicting


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