displays of affection

i wouldn’t paint your name along a building
to ruin beautiful architecture in the name of love
such a selfish act against mankind’s creations
a disservice to the act of modernization
as many days as there are nights
i would never sleep soundly
knowing that our love may collapse
but the buildings in our town
would last the test of time
or come to a swift demise
to be replaced anew
to put our love on display
would only jeopardize
what we’ve been creating

you see
if we displayed it
our love might extinguish
only to be presented
and preserved
with sorrow and regret
if the building was to fall
our love would have no symbol
with sadness and remorse
in our eyes

i would prefer
to whisper
in your ear
my affections
my desires
so they might reside
in your heart
in your soul
forever more


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