i never met your father
nor did i learn his name
come to think of it
i still don’t know it now

i have seen his face before
in a photograph
kept on your dresser
you beside him and your sister
all three smiling
i made a gesture to it
you gave a quick smile
then continued me onward

next time i came over
the photograph was gone
you were slighty drunk
smoking cigarettes hastly
leaning into me
kissing my neck
holding onto me

i came to see you again
but you didn’t come to the door
i half expected you to stumble out
kiss and apologize to me
but no lights were on
no car in the driveway
i went home worried about you

by the time i got back
i was greeted with a voicemail
no words
just you crying
i called back
but i never got an answer

now i wonder about you
from time to time
where you are
and your father’s name


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