it doesn’t matter anymore
you can walk through that door
you can give up on yourself

used to be just you and me
as happy as could be
but what was it all for

doesn’t mean it didn’t matter
that our hearts went on to shatter
against the odds – we played on

now i’m just sitting here
looking in a broken mirror
reflecting on, reflecting on us

though time might be what changes
though we have less frequent exchanges
i’ll still be easy to find

i’m looking to the future
but man, i’m not sure
i’ve got what it takes to survive

left to my own devices
my worries and sacrifices
don’t know my next move

if i cut the corners too close
take too much and overdose
what will they think of me

let alone all my troubles
play for keeps and doubles
my worth just ain’t what it used to be

it’s not like i really struggle
things pile up, i start to juggle
till i get egg on my face

be that as it was
i did it all because
i loved you


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