grey winter

every word i sent
was ignored
as the glass
you drove home
left me alone
tired excuses
of being too tired
when you should have
been tired with me

juggling trios
with one hand tied
behind your back
my assistance
striking a chord
with the wrong attitude
on selfish allies
who care not
about you
or your craft

selfless to a degree
but happiness was more
then you and me
burned when you said
my dependence
was tied
but truly
i realized a break
in the rhythm after

i think of the words
i did say
words i didnt
let them get away
now they stay
with me
spark and singe
my heart
my insides
twist my gut
dissolute me

my new anger
pollutes my mind
my lingering love
dishearten my soul
my shining truth
frames my objective
my past
consumes me
my future
remains obscure
i am optimistic
about myself


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