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the last time i saw you, you told me to check my mail and wait for a letter.

by the end of the month all i had ended up with were bills and coupons. and by that time, i guess you had left the country. maybe even fallen of the face of the earth. your friends just gave me shrugs and phone numbers that either rang forever or were disconnected. you were gone.

in the next few months i forgot about you, days went by. and the letter i was waiting for never came. i became a new person by the next year and the year after – i had forgotten your face.

but one day, for some strange reason, it came. it was in disarray. the letter i had waited for. my address was barely legible and the return had just had your name and street. the town and country had bled through the paper. and the note itself was now converted into random spirals and smudges of ink that used to have the answers to all my problems.

for a moment i almost remembered your face. but my memory failed me.

whenever i go to different parts of the world, i check the nearest map and scan for the street. sometimes i find it, but the number is too high and the street is too short.

i figure by now you’ve forgotten me as well. waiting for a response you never got. you could be half way across the world. or just across the city lines. down a street. you could be anywhere.

when i get back home, i’ll take the letter to a flame.
so i can pretend, that you never left and that we both just got lost.
we might find each other again, if we can only remember our existence – together.


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